time. constantly. passes. us. by.
02.29.12 /16:02/ 74271

midterms happened.

i swear i’ve been taking pictures… sort of.
i have an awesome shoot i did a few weekends ago with my cutie patootie friend i need to go through too!

i think this has been the most consistent period of posts i’ve ever had.
i need to keep it up. 

i’m excited to finally drive down the coast with you for once instead of having to drive by myself to get to you.
06.24.11 /12:24/ 1554


stop motion video: coffee time

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so amazing! much love & respect for stop motion.



ohsnap, this is pretty cool.

so usually at this moment, for the past 7 years, i would begin my packing for a week’s long church trip to watsonville. instead i have been cleaning out bookmarks from my computer.

this year is different since i’m not attending.
& so i won’t be rushing to fill 1 single duffel bag with my entire closet & medicine cabinet. it feels kinda weird.

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